Crafter's Companion - Gemini Foilpress Machine (Global Version)
Crafter's Companion - Gemini Foilpress Machine (Global Version)
Crafter's Companion - Gemini Foilpress Machine (Global Version)
Crafter's Companion - Gemini Foilpress Machine (Global Version)
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Crafter's Companion - Gemini Foilpress Machine (Global Version)


Introducing the latest addition to the Gemini family-The Gemini FOILPRESS. This innovative hot foiling machine takes paper and mixed media crafting to an exciting new level. The Gemini FOILPRESS delivers professional-looking foiling results using a hot press technique that ensures crisp, clean images every time. Perfect for stationery, invites, party decorations, home décor, gifts, and so much more. The FOILPRESS works perfectly with a multitude of materials. The size of the Foiling Platform is 7x5”

The FOILPRESS has been designed to work exclusively with the Gemini brand die-cutting and embossing machines and it comes with a Foiling Platform that has been perfectly sized to fit in the Gemini Junior. The FOILPRESS can also be used with the original Gemini machine, but users will need to buy a ‘Top Plate Extender’ to be able to do this. The FOILPRESS is not compatible with the Gemini GO.

Here you can find white paper for beautiful results with the hot foils. 

How it works
• This is a very brief description but it will outline the basics of how the FOILPRESS works.
• The Gemini FOILPRESS and Gemini Junior/Gemini are used together to create fabulously foiled, and foiled and die-cut designs.
• The FOILPRESS heats up the dies, and the metal shim (when required).
• The dies, foils and ‘sandwich’ combinations for the Gemini Junior are assembled using the Foiling Platform from the FOILPRESS as the base layer for the ‘sandwich’.
• The Foiling Platform is removed from the FOILPRESS Base Station and the ‘sandwich’ will pass through the Gemini Junior/Gemini in exactly the same way as any other ‘sandwich’ you place through it.
Technology and safety features
Professional-standard hot foil letterpress can be achieved in the home with the innovative new hot plate system from Crafter's Companion. Technological advances allow us to offer the only hot plate system which uses a silicone plate, the benefits of which are two-fold; From a safety perspective, the risk of burning yourself is considerably less when using a silicone plate (especially when combined with using the Finger Grips), than it is when using a standard metal plate, and secondly, the silicone plate has a consistent and stable temperature over its entire surface area. This is a huge USP- you won’t need to worry about ‘hot spots’ and ‘cold spots’ when you’re foiling because there will be a consistent edge-to edge heat. You can place the item to be foiled anywhere on the foiling plate and know that it will be perfectly foiled, or you can place several smaller items on the foiling plate and foil them all at the same time. They will all be perfectly foiled regardless of where they were placed on the Foiling Platform.

The Gemini FOILPRESS is extremely simple to use, and each machine comes with a comprehensive instruction manual. It is the only foiling machine to have a temperature control feature. The temperature you select is determined by the material you wish to foil. In addition to this, the FOILPRESS has an LCD timer which counts down the time in both minutes and seconds. An indicator light on the display shows red or green to indicate when the FOILPRESS is ready to use etc. And, in addition to this, the timer has an audio beep- so you don’t have to stand over the machine and watch the timer count down, you’ll hear it. There is a ‘Material Matrix’ within the instruction manual which outlines the timings and temperatures for all applications. The FOILPRESS heats up quickly, meaning that you can start foiling almost immediately.

Safety features are paramount with any process that involves heat, and the FOILPRESS has all areas covered. The FOILPRESS cannot overheat. It has a built in ‘Cool Down’ feature which will activate automatically if the FOILPRESS has been in use over a long period of time. It also has a built in ‘Auto-Shut Off’ feature, meaning that the machine will switch off automatically if it hasn’t been used for 25 minutes. Silicone Finger Grips, a pair of Magnetic Tweezers, and a Silicone Cooling Mat are all included with the FOILPRESS. The Silicone Finger Grips must be worn when handling the Foiling Platform, Metal Shim etc, and the Magnetic Tweezers must be used when picking up and moving the dies once they’re hot. The Silicone Cooling Mat protects your work surface from the metal shims and Foil Stamp Dies after they’ve been used.

Box Contents:

FoilPress Base 
Foiling Plate 
Plate Cover 
Metal Shim 
Silicone Cooling Mat 
Silicone Finger Grips 
Magnetic Tweezers 
1 x Papercraft Foil Roll
2 x Foil Stamp ‘n’ Cut Dies
3 x Foil Stamp Dies
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Power Cord (UK & EU)