Doodlebug Design - Lots O' Luck Shape Sprinkles

Doodlebug Design - Lots O' Luck Shape Sprinkles

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There's a wee little place that is hidden away, deep in the forest where lucky gnomes play. It's happy, whimsical & bright as can be and definitely a place you'll want to see!

It's not too far, so let's all go, to the tiny green valley "over the rainbow"! You'll be greeted with smiles and a friendly "hi", from ladybugs, snails and gnomes passing by.

Singing flowers, butterflies and cute chirping birds, are just some of the very sweet sounds to be heard. Such a dreamy place, so magical too, we are so happy to share this collection with you! Looking to sprinkle some cheerful charm on your next craft or card? Then reach for a pack of Shape Sprinkles!

  • Colorful epoxy stickers in fantastic icons and designs
  • Available in an assortment of themed collections
  • Matched perfectly to your favorite holidays and occasions
  • 32 pcs.